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Live in Wonder was created by Alissa Smith as a means to inspire movement and play, self-awareness and connection, self-development and purpose. After many years of working at a desk job, Alissa can relate to those in the corporate world who feel the niggles and stiffness brought on by sedentary work. Alissa is based in Aotearoa New Zealand.



Modern meditation practices are simply about training your attention. Mindfulness is the practice of observing one’s thoughts and emotions, without being overwhelmed or driven by them. In uncertain times, meditation is more important than ever.



Breathing exercises not only help strengthen the respiratory and immune systems, but they can also help to manage anxiety in challenging times. Here are three techniques to help manage emotions and keep yourself well.



Self-care is important to ensure we are functioning at our best and therefore able to better serve others. Just as we know how to take care of our physical health— good nutrition, exercise, water, rest—so must we take care of our mental health.


Start Where You Are

Are you searching for a way to reconnect with yourself, get to know your body, and create clarity of mind? Don’t know where to begin? This might be just what you need. I have created two online yoga videos, each about half an hour long, and two meditations, each under ten minutes long. Just tiny morsels of your day!




Offers group classes at your own work space or business. All levels of experience attend each session providing an awesome team building environment.

  • $120

    In-person classes

    +GST (NZD)
    • Sessions are 45-50mins to fit within a lunch hour or alternatively before/after work.
    • Subject to the availability of our schedule – please contact us to arrange.
    • Current areas: Auckland Central, North Shore. Contact us to request any other locations.
    • Typically sessions are held onsite in a private room/space. If this is not available, outdoor classes can be arranged nearby; weather permitting. Public space hire will incur an additional cost.
  • $75

    Online classes

    + GST (NZD)
    • Sessions are 45-50mins to fit within a lunch hour or alternatively before/after work.
    • Hosted via a secure Zoom link. A recording of the session can be supplied if pre-arranged. Only the teacher is visible/audible in these recordings to maintain the privacy of participants.
    • Subject to the availability of our schedule – please contact us to arrange.

*Prices are exclusive of GST.

For health and safety reasons, yoga mats will no longer be supplied and participants are encouraged to bring their own.


Andrew Lyon

As someone who has put my body under a lot of pressure in the past (Competitive Sports and Powerlifting) I have found that yoga has played a key part in helping me maintain strength and flexibility. My joints are feeling a lot better, and I have experienced first-hand the positive effect yoga has had on my stress levels and mindfulness. My only regret is not starting with Alissa sooner.

Andrew Lyon


Josie De Bastarrechea

I’m so grateful for Alissa and these classes. I always leave feeling centred and energized. I’ve also done some of her online yoga videos which were a great way to get my fix over the lockdowns. Highly recommend Alissa and her classes to anyone wanting to do yoga.

Josie De Bastarrechea



I was undergoing the toughest phase of my life when I met Alissa. The meditation and the yoga have really helped me ride through the storm, Alissa’s guidance has been invaluable and I highly recommend both Alissa & Wonder.




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