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Moving through 2018 with EASE

Instead of setting goals at the start of each year, I prefer to choose a word (or three) to be my theme for the year. I can then revisit at regular intervals throughout the year to ensure my actions
volcanoes in auckland

Exploring volcanoes in Auckland – A year of climbing mountains

There are 53 volcanoes in Tāmaki Makaurau / Auckland. Here, exploring twelve of the crater mountains in the volcanic field.
discipline over motivation

Discipline: A motivating force for long-term progress

Why wait for motivation to get moving? How much time will pass and how many opportunities will be lost while waiting for inspiration to strike? The solution is already available – it just requires a

The Pursuit of Discomfort – Theme of the year 2020

Can happiness truly be sought in our “positive vibes only” culture? Or is it better achieved by acknowledging and embracing uncomfortable feelings?
theme of the year - attention

Theme of the year: ATTENTION

With a flip of the calendar, I set a new theme of the year. One that helps to ensure I am aligning with my intentions and ambitions. This is what I’m asking myself in 2019: Where is my attention in

Do we HAVE time or can we MAKE time?

We’ve all said it: “I don’t have time”. Yet when the unexpected happens – disaster strikes or an advantageous opportunity comes along – the schedule instantly opens up, and our time and attention is

Eco-conscious behavioural changes

Here are nine small eco-conscious behavioural changes I’ve made in my world over the last few years, as a minor contribution to the health of the greater world. These aren’t revolutionary new ideas,