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Yoga for overwhelm and more

Yoga for overwhelm and more

You may have a rollercoaster of emotions during this global pandemic. Here are some videos of yoga for overwhelm, restlessness, loneliness and lethargy.
self-care in isolation

Self care in isolation – For the good of the community

How can we practice self-care in isolation? How do we ensure our community is cared for in a time of uncertainty? Anxiety and fear need to be channelled into compassion and care.
yoga for busy people – richard scarry

Yoga for busy people

In our busy, busy lives, when do we get time to quietly reflect? And if we do, it probably feels really uncomfortable. With a distracted mind and an active body, sitting still can be torturous.

How to fall asleep with a monkey mind

Resisting the monkey mind just leads to frustration and agitation. Simply willing yourself to get to sleep can be a fruitless effort. Here are some simple ways we can improve our much-needed slumber.