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Moving through 2018 with EASE

Instead of setting goals at the start of each year, I prefer to choose a word (or three) to be my theme for the year. I can then revisit at regular intervals throughout the year to ensure my actions
chest stretch for slouching

Chest stretch for slouched posture

Do you get tight shoulders and a stiff neck from slouching over your desk for long periods? This simple 5-minute exercise is a great chest stretch to help counteract poor posture.
Yoga for overwhelm and more

Yoga for overwhelm and more

You may have a rollercoaster of emotions during this global pandemic. Here are some videos of yoga for overwhelm, restlessness, loneliness and lethargy.
self-care in isolation

Self care in isolation – For the good of the community

How can we practice self-care in isolation? How do we ensure our community is cared for in a time of uncertainty? Anxiety and fear need to be channelled into compassion and care.

Mindfulness for good health and wellness – Article

For many, mindfulness is about being still and quiet, and certainly, this is a valuable way of approaching it. However, mindfulness is also something that can be added to a range of everyday tasks to

Improve balance with yoga

When balance is challenged, muscles must engage quickly to counteract external forces.
yoga for busy people – richard scarry

Yoga for busy people

In our busy, busy lives, when do we get time to quietly reflect? And if we do, it probably feels really uncomfortable. With a distracted mind and an active body, sitting still can be torturous.
Stressed out? Restore balance with yoga breathing

Autonomic Nervous System 2: Restore balance with yoga

This follow-up to understanding the function of the autonomic nervous system offers ways to restore balance to a stressed-out mind and body.

Autonomic Nervous System 1: Parasympathetic vs sympathetic

The Sympathetic Nervous System, or “fight-or-flight” state, describes your body’s response to a dangerous or stressful situation. So how does your brain differentiate between perceived risks
wonder yoga flow sequence

Yoga flow sequence sample

This is the peak yoga flow sequence in this month’s classes. It’s preceded by a slow warm-up, to exploring postures that support these movements, and followed by seated stretches and twists.
Christmas yoga sequence

Christmas yoga sequence

Here's a fun Christmas yoga sequence... Meet the happy elf and the lazy elf, stack Christmas gifts, then take a sleigh ride with downward-facing reindeer! This festive yoga flow sequence can be used

The appeal of seated cat-cow

The other day I was teaching this seated cat-cow in a yoga class at the gym. There was a woman walking down the corridor past the studio. She stopped to watch us for a bit, then joined in. I love that
Contemporary Yoga Teacher Training 2016

My yoga teacher training experiences

In 2016, I decided to pursue one of my greatest passions with yoga teacher training. Initially, my yoga practice was results-driven, building physical strength and flexibility. Over time, this
you're not wrong

What if you’re not wrong?

What is it that we fear about being wrong? Momentary embarrassment? Inadequacy? Perceived lack of competency? Distrust in our abilities? Vulnerability and receptivity are the seeds of opportunity to

Sacroiliac joint dysfunction

Recently I've been exploring the cause and effects of Sacroiliac joint dysfunction, and postural instability causing pain/discomfort in the long term. Since teaching yoga I've seen many participants
social yoga session Matakana

Social yoga session: Matakana

Another magical morning of yoga and breakfast with Yoga & Social. This was such a beautiful setting amongst the trees at Brick & Vines cafe, Morris &James Matakana. What a way to kick off Auckland
Waipu Cove, Yoga & Social

Waipu Cove: Yoga & Social event

Sun shining, waves crashing, gorgeous view and wonderful company. Moving, stretching, strengthening and balancing... connecting with breath... blissful. Nothing quite compares to being at one with