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100 Days Project 2016

100 Days of Defying Gravity

In 2011 New Zealand designer Emma Rogan started the 100 Days Project (view website here). She invited others to join her, so word of the project quickly spread. Since then, thousands of people from all over the world have participated in the project. 

Because of the dedication required to do something creative every day, the project is greatly fulfilling. One hundred consecutive days is a very long stretch of time!

I did my first 100 Days Project in 2014, called ‘Happy Place’. The theme was to explore yoga poses in ordinary and extraordinary places. Photos were uploaded daily to the official 100 Days site. It was a huge challenge, and I nearly gave up a couple of times, so the feeling of accomplishment after completing the 100th day was enormous!

This year I decided to do it again, but to up the game I chose to “creatively defy gravity”.

Here is ‘Imagination Levitation’, which is has been captured in 100 days of photos. Dedication and exploration. Joy and perseverance. Laughter and bruises.

Imagination Levitation: 100 Days Project 2016

100 days project 2016
Creatively defying gravity!

Happy Place: 100 Days Project 2014

100 Days Project 2014
“Finding energy and harmony with a yoga-inspired pose each day, in ordinary and extraordinary settings. This is also a journey of personal development – physically, mentally, spiritually, creatively.” 

Alissa Smith

Alissa is a yoga teacher, graphic designer, and creative writer based in Auckland, New Zealand.

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