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Yoga for overwhelm and more

Yoga for overwhelm and more

Yoga for overwhelm and more

Here are some videos of yoga for overwhelm or loneliness, grounding or uplifting. These practices can help recognise the emotional and physical response to enforced self-isolation and/or lockdown. Scroll down to view the videos.

As the world responds to the coronavirus pandemic, I hope you are doing well in your self-isolation bubble. I’m thrilled to hear stories of those who are thriving during this lockdown period. However, I know many others have been struggling in their own way. But at the very least, and for myself, it’s been a rollercoaster of emotions.

The key is to observe our natural response to this weird new world. Reflect on your emotions, behaviour, and internal narrative. Only then can we take steps to address anything that is harmful or unhelpful.

Avoiding each other goes against our social nature.

One of the strangest aspects for me has been this invisible and intangible threat. In particular, the unfamiliar feeling that I could be the threat. The first evening that I went out during lockdown to walk around the block for fresh air, I was taken back when two women saw me and immediately crossed the road. I made a point to catch their glance and nod in friendly acknowledgement, and was rewarded by their beaming smiles. Ultimately, we are all sharing this unusual experience together.

Self-isolation was very difficult for me at the start, so I had to find ways to create a “new normal”. This includes routines, small daily goals, and checking in on others. Since then I’ve had some wonderful chats and messages, and I’m feeling more connected than ever.

Reclaiming autonomy and adapting to change

I recently conducted a very unscientific questionnaire through Instagram. I wanted to gauge the general vibe of people in my extended social bubble. So I chose a few topics that some people mentioned they’d found challenging. But I was surprised to see how evenly weighted the results were. In a nutshell, it shows that not everyone is having the same experience.

I looked into some of the most common emotions people may be feeling right now. Some may feel restless and need to come down to earth, whereas others might feel the opposite and struggle to get out of bed. Some may be searching for calmness in the chaos, and others may be lonely.

So, I’ve created some online yoga videos. Try them out or share them with your loved ones.

These videos were created during the time of self-isolation during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. At this time, New Zealand was in complete lockdown. During these times of uncertainty and instability, we must be resilient, adaptable and hopeful. This series has been created to help recognise and manage the new or difficult emotions many are feeling at this challenging time.


It can be hard to think clearly if you’re exposed to a lot of noise, information and media. YOGA FOR OVERWHELM is a practice to help regain autonomy and reclaim personal space when you’re feeling cramped and crowded. Create a sense of clarity and calmness by focussing your attention within. Move freely, breathe with ease, and take ownership of the space around you. Click to view on Youtube.


YOGA TO FEEL GROUNDED is a slow yoga sequence that instils a sense of stability and connectedness for those who are feeling uneasy. For instance, your energy may be up-in-the-air, like the head is functioning separately from the body. You may be experiencing worry, anxiety or restlessness. Come back down to earth and feel that you are completed supported, connected, and in control. Click to view on YouTube.


YOGA FOR LONELINESS a practice for anyone who is feeling emotionally isolated. It might be an extrovert who is in a physically isolated situation or someone who is alone with an overactive mind. When the feeling of loneliness sets in, the mind can become occupied with unhelpful and unkind narratives, and limiting self-beliefs. Loneliness can be subdued by fostering a sense of comfort, care, and support. So individuals can renew their purpose and worthiness by feeling valued, cared for, and loved. Click to view on YouTube.


YOGA TO FEEL UPLIFTED is a practice for anyone who is feeling low on energy, sluggish, lethargic. As a result, they may be sleeping more than needed. Current circumstances or changes can result in your body going into “shutdown” mode, which may be an unexpected response. This yoga practice hopes to leave you feeling motivated and energised, and therefore a sense of accomplishment. Click to view on YouTube.

If everyone is sensible, kind, and upholds integrity, that’s the best we can do to get through this. We’re in it together!

Alissa Smith

Alissa is a yoga teacher, graphic designer, and creative writer based in Auckland, New Zealand.

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